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The workshop platform

Klaxoon is the workshop platform that empowers teams to run efficient and engaging workshops, wherever they are.

Engage and drive

Session, Challenge, Vote, Storm

With Session, you can run timed and participative workshops. Embed existing slide decks or create new ones while boosting live participation by launching a variety of Live questions. Everyone has access to the same content, enabling you to uncover the group's feedback in real-time.

Move from idea to action


Facilitate your hybrid work using Board! The all-in-one virtual whiteboard allows you to host workshops while working in sync or asynchronously. Structure your ideas and allow yourself to think big. Interact with your team for as long as you need while driving progress every day. An easy-to-use tool to collaborate visually in a centralized location that includes ready-to-use templates and Live, Board's built-in video conferencing tool.

Get feedback, test, and validate

Survey, Quiz

Collect feedback from everyone to make sure the whole team is aligned with the decisions that are being made. There are a dozen ways to collect the group's thoughts including; surveys, quizzes, questions, word clouds, challenges, and live or async voting. The results are collected visually in real-time, to facilitate thinking as a group.

Secure next steps

Memo, Questions, automatic reporting

Increase the impact of your workshops by utilizing unique functionalities that will ensure the next steps of your projects to be made. By questioning your team in different formats, you'll be able to gather the group's thoughts asynchronously while simplifying the follow-up process. No need to waste time sending an email summary anymore following workshops: get the automatic report with one click and send a Memo to share key messages, gather accurate feedback, and follow up.

Create async workgroups

Network, Article, Journal

Running a long-term project or an ongoing workshop that will last a while? Network is a secure space that allows everyone to find the information they need at the right time, to enable projects to be completed faster. You'll be able to leave the discussion open while generating new ideas as a group as long as you need. Watch your workshop's progress over time visually.

Make hybrid work

Live, MeetingBoard, Klaxoon Box

Break free from time and location. Launch a workshop and start innovating with your team from anywhere at any time. Access the workshop through any device and any screen with nothing to install. Additionally, turn any space into a workshop room that is 100% secure using our hardware solution. Move towards a hybrid-friendly environment with effortless synchronization by using Live, our videoconferencing tool that allows you to interact with up to 250 people at a time with no time limits.

Empower your team

Board's templates library, tutorials, community

Gain insights from our community experience with years of interactions and information sharing. By taking in the advice, tutorials, and hundreds of ready-to-use methods, you can implement your own best practices!