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Find out how our customers use Klaxoon and the suite of collaborative apps to work effectively as a team, wherever they are.

Discover how our customers use Klaxoon and the Session application to organize better meetings, both on site and remotely.

From a brainstorming session to project management, discover how our customers use Klaxoon and the Board application to boost their teams’ productivity and efficiency.

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An award-winning solution, adopted by millions of teams in over 120 countries

We have designed an unrivaled range of solutions that helps organizations to easily run efficient and productive workshops. From Fortune 500 companies to NGOs, universities, public authorities and small businesses, millions of teams use Klaxoon to allow their teams to thrive.

Klaxoon came along as the best solution in getting people collaborate better.

Gary Shapiro

President & CEO
Consumer Technology Association
Klaxoon makes our workshops much more participative and engaging for the participants.

Bernice Ng

Continuous Improvement Manager
Danone Singapore
Klaxoon is easy to roll out globally and allows us to exceed our sales goals providing a unique client experience, on site or remotely.
Rudy Dillenseger
Global Dir. of Sales Strategy & Enablement

Rudy Dillenseger

Global Dir. of Sales Strategy & Enablement
Klaxoon is a tool that allows every participant to express themselves, while keeping to our time limits.

Vincent Arcin

Global Digital Service
Klaxoon is the solution that enables us to listen, prioritize and most importantly build the future together.

Hélène Blanquet

Communication and CSR Director

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