Venn diagram: cross ideas to come up with a solution

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Venn Diagram

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June 15, 2020

With the Venn diagram, identify the existing relationships between several axes of a given need and collectively identify this need's most suitable solution. As a team, identify and analyze the relationships between different elements in a visual way to find the solution that best suits your needs. The Venn diagram (also called the logic diagram) uses intersecting circles to illustrate logical relationships between sets of elements. Reflect together on your project, analyze the different elements as a team, and compare the options to agree on a logical choice. Introduced during the 1880s by John Venn, it is commonly used today across the fields of mathematics, statistics, education, and business.

In every project management, we need to find new ideas in relation to an issue.

By using the Venn Diagram, reflect as a team on all the aspects of your issue, brainstorm on all of them then cross the ideas. In the end, identify the solutions which answer all the axes of your issue. Thanks to this template, prepare and facilitate your workshop with great serenity and get everyone to participe in the discussion.

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