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Transforming its weekly team meeting to improve performance

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François Gabart
Skipper & CEO MerConcept
June 12, 2020

Renowned yacht racer, François Gabart is also at the head of MerConcept, his ocean racing stable. With his 40 associates located on different sites, they use Klaxoon daily. Every week, they synchronize with Brainstorm. Everyone participates actively during this sharing time.

Klaxoon helps us optimize our way of working, share efficiently some information and facilitate teamwork in order to reach performance without wasting any time and eventually boats trying to win races.
François Gabart
François Gabart uses the MeetingBoard Klaxoon

Klaxoon to transform its meetings

Managers used to send on Fridays the subjects to be dealt with during the Monday's weekly meeting. Since the Weekly Template was implemented, each member of the team posts its week's successes  and the challenges to come. During the sync point each and every one of them take part in the discussion. The roles are reversed and everyone is an actor in the meeting.

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