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To improve the attractiveness of the area, the department of the Loire creates its Personas with Klaxoon

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Murielle Arcos
Head of Public Innovation and Animation, Department of Strategy and Modernization of Public Action of the Loire Area
January 3, 2021

As a team, they imagine eight typical profiles likely to come to their department, in order to work on communication messages which are in accordance with the targeted public. Klaxoon allows them to create this persona as a team, in a room or remotely. With the addition of photo or like, it's simple and effective!

Thanks to Persona, elected officials can build a message based on targets and can define common priority messages. Using Klaxoon also allows us to process more easily data... It is a great time saver.
Murielle Arcos

With its functionalities, Klaxoon enables to save time in the construction of the Persona.

In order to draw up the profile of the potential visitors of the area, Murielle opens a Board to the ten elected members of the team dedicated to the project. On this common support are some photos which represent 5 reasons to come to the Loire: to have fun, to practice a hobby, to stay, to travel or to celebrate an event.

To go further, team members are invited to "like" three photos for each profile: in one click they indicate their favorites! With the Persona and Klaxoon method, elected officials can precisely define their target audience and the messages prior to a campaign which aims to promote the territory.

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