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To Do List

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June 24, 2020

With the To Do List Template, organize your day on a daily basis to be more efficient with your team.

Organize your team’s tasks daily and effectively, get more productive! With the To Do List Template, your team can get organized, save time and improve the following areas of your project schedule. With brainstorm's advanced features such as categories, dimensions, colors, column and list views, you can detail each team member's given tasks by due date, person assigned, date launched… The result is a team where each member is up to date with everyone's progress!

Create a to do list to efficiently manage all the tasks to complete for a project or a team.

Within the same space, navigate with your team through the ideas with the 3 different and complementary views. With this Template, the whole team can share its to-do-list. Manage the actions, find the right organization and prioritize the tasks: to do, in progress or done. Share the same level of information and work efficiently.

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