The PDCA cycle: the virtuous circle at the service of quality

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The PDCA cycle

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October 7, 2020

With the PDCA cycle Template, guarantee the quality of your project and simply improve team performance. Plan, develop, check and adjust your project whileimproving your performance as a team The PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) or Deming Wheel is a four-stage project management method where each stage leads on to the next, building on the knowledge acquired by the team. Use this Template to help the team continuously improve the quality of a product, service or organization.

As a team, rotate the PDCA cycle to foster continuous improvement.

The PDCA cycle method is part of the Japanese Kaizen approach. By following 4 main steps : Plan, Develop, Control and Adjust, you are setting the quality requirement in the long term by establishing a virtuous circle. The whole team participates and indicates the tasks to accomplish throughout the cycle to guarantee the quality of the project.

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