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The Ansoff Matrix: define the most appropriate growth strategy

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With the Ansoff Matrix Template, look into four different strategic options to choose the most relevant one. As a team, determine the best development strategy to grow your business. Need to kick-start or boost your business and analyze the best strategies to increase sales? This template is a must! Identify possible actions associated with four different growth strategies, from the lowest risk to the highest. Use a Question to arrive at team decisions. A visually attractive and easy-to-use template for your team!

A simple matrix to find the right growth strategy

The Ansoff matrix was created in 1957 by Igor Ansoff as a decision making tool to determine the best growth strategy for a business.

With the Ansoff matrix Template, explore as a team four strategic options: market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. Exchange, debate together and then make your decision thanks to Question. A true collaborative strategic analysis tool!

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