The 5W1H method: ask the right questions to come up with solutions as a team

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The 5W1H method

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June 24, 2020

With the 5W1H method Template, analyze a subject through 6 simple questions to achieve your objectives and solve problems.Working together as a team, analyze an issue or a situation via 6 easy questions, and work out the best way to solve the problem.The 5W1H method is a question-based method to help teams meet their objectives or solve problems. Using simple Who?, What?, Where?, How?, How much? and Why? questions, identify the key issues and define what actions need to be put in place.

Need to dig into a subject, to solve a problem or to analyze an event?

Answer 6 very simple questions: Who, What, Where, How much, How and Why? Let everyone in your team speak, debate and bring the most important points out.A strategic analysis template perfect to progress, with methodology, towards the objectives to achieve, to make decisions and to determine an action plan collectively.

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