Team planning: the team's workload in the blink of an eye

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Team Planning

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With the Team Planning Template, handle as a team your workload and improve everyone's organization in real time. Guide the whole team’s workload and allocate the actions with agility As a team, week by week, share your workload in real time, adjust the plan according to needs, tasks, duration, team meetings, days off, etc. Smoothly and simply, decide as a team to take on projects (or not), anticipate the upcoming workload, and distribute tasks effectively among team members. A true team ritual for staying synchronized wherever you are.

A Team Planning to optimize the team's workload and to manage the team with agility.

Identify and share in real time each member's actions to improve the team's organization and to anticipate the workload. With the Team Planning Template, adjust the actions according to the time required to conduct their purpose and according to the availability of each members. To have a good schedule management, synchronize as a team on a regular basis.

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