Storyboard: to sequence the steps of your projects and creations

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With the Storyboard Template, draw and write, plan by plan, a video, an animated concept, a film or even the course of a website.As a team, write step by step your concept’s progress.StoryBoard is a methodology that enables the team to sequence visually and in detail its project before starting its realisation. Perfect to build an animated concept, a marketing video, a film, to describe each mobile app feature or the course of a site.

To start your project or creation, the Storyboard allows you to draw each sequence as a team.

Think and put together the visuals, texts, moods... Whether it is for an animated concept, a marketing video, a film, describing the course of a mobile application feature or the course of a website, the Storyboard Template allows the team to express its ideas in all its forms. Align team members on the actions to run: the ideal template for an effective project management.

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