SpeedBoat: the Agile method to do a project's review

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June 11, 2020

With the SpeedBoat free template, take a step back by using the boat metaphor, and identify actions as a team to work more efficiently. Originating from agile methods, the retrospective is a key element for continuous improvement within a team. Use the SpeedBoat method on any given topic such as project review, check-in, process redesign... As a team, you take stock of what has worked well, what needs to be improved and identify the actions to put in place to move forward even more effectively.

Perfect to prepare and facilitate a workshop, use the SpeedBoat method to improve as a team.

Thanks to the different elements of the Template such as the boat, island, wind, sun, anchor and reefs, easily collect feedback and quickly identify actions to implement. A real continuous improvement tool to be used as a team.

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