Client meeting: collect more feedback, gain impact in your presentation and co-construct the action plan

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Sales meeting

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November 8, 2020

With the Client meeting Template, facilitate the interaction with your customers and capitalize on all your exchanges.Make your client meetings more interactive and keep track of all your discussionsIdentifying client needs, presenting your product and following up the sale: these are 3 key stages in a sales meeting made available in a visually attractive work space!The Client Meeting template is both a meeting room and a place to share ideas. It shows how visualizing information and issues can lead to improved efficiency, better feedback, more accurate recording of exchanges and can produce detailed minutes as soon as the meeting is over, with the client's full approval.

Visual management to deliver greater efficiency during your business meetings.

With the Client meeting template, carry out and facilitate your meeting from a single visual space: engage your client at each step, from the discovery of the needs to the co-construction of an action plan. During the exchanges, formalize the key ideas in real time. Choose among your presentation boards, videos, price list, offer catalog, whatever you want to highlight. Naturally define with your customer the next actions with agility. And the result is? Gain in efficiency and fluidity during your meetings.

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