Remember the future: find ways to improve your project thanks to time travel

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Remember the future

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With the Remember the Future Template, take a leap into the past and another one into the future to find, as a team, areas of improvement for your project and make the best possible decisions. Travel back in time with your teammate find out how you can avoid mistakes and improve your project! "Remember the future" is an original workshop, based on agile management methods, that you can use to boost team performance when you are about to launch a new project or start a new sprint. By looking back, the team can see what worked or what didn't in the past, can reflect on its current practises and look forward to future successes while identifying what needs to be done to boost its performance today! Are you ready? Then assemble the team and prepare for take-off!

As a team, use the metaphor of time travel to bring your projects to a successful conclusion!

Inspired by agile methods, this workshop allows the team to take the lead on the project and help them to make the best possible choices. As a team, first of all, remember how your last project went and capitalize on what worked well and what didn't work so well. Then, project yourself at the end of the project and ask yourself about the future. Finally, learn from your trip, find new ideas and build your action plan together!

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