Persona: defining the standard profile of your clients

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June 25, 2020

With the Persona Template, get an archetype of your clients or prospects to adapt your marketing strategy. As a team, define your customer prototypes according to your market and imagine personal profiles to help you tailor your marketing strategy. Personas are key to your marketing strategy and will help you improve your knowledge of the market. Work together in a single space and save time while clearly identifying your future customers' challenges, fears and purchasing behavior so that your sales offer will meet their expectations.

Rely on this Template to define the archetype of your ideal client.

As a team, define his or her story, personality, but also frustrations, motivations, priorities or even his or her typical day. Thanks to this model, gather on a common space all the information to define your target, and consider together the best scenarios to address him or her in order to increase the trade and marketing performances.

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