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With the Kaizen Template, discover or rediscover as a team 7 methods to solve problems and improve performances thanks to simple actions carried out on a daily basis.The Kaizen method was created in Japan back in the 1950s, in Toyota's industrial plants, as a continuous improvement approach based on problem resolution and working method optimization. As a team, implement major changes step by step, by repeating simple tasks on a daily basis.With the 8 wastes of lean, the 5 Whys, the PDCA cycle (Deming wheel), the 5S system, the 5W1H, the 8D or the QRQC methods, 7 simple, effective ways to improve your team performance day by day.

With the Kaizen Template, let yourself be guided on the road to continuous improvement!

Start by optimizing as a team work processes with the 5S or the 8 Wastes of Lean Template. Facing a problem, an annoyance?

Analyze it in details with the 5W1H method and trace the root causes with the 5 WHYS method. And to go even further, expand the reflection as a team, and set up a continuous improvement process based on problem solving with the 8D, the QRQC and the PDCA cycle method.

7 easy methods to set up as a team to improve performances continuously.

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