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 Inspired by the famous megaphone invented by Samuel Morland and Athanasius Kircher in the 17th century.

Klaxoon Megaphone: the revolutionary integration

Klaxoon today announced the Klaxoon Megaphone, a revolutionary expression booster that will soon be integrated to its platform. It will enable teams to gain confidence and express themselves without fear. This is innovation will unlock participation and unleash the team's voices to make everyone heard.

Finding a format that makes expression understandable and intelligible is paramount to the success of any project. A format that allows us to speak to each other in a simple and efficient way so that we can have a global view, align, and listen to one another. We can only do that with an accelerated collective technology that will unblock barriers that prevent dialogue and enable us to speak freely and efficiently.

In line with this global challenge, Klaxoon, the leader that is driving change in the future of work with its high-level engagement and participative platform, has integrated a revolutionary new technology, called the “Klaxoon Megaphone”. Its objective: provide new forms of oral expression that will break down barriers and encourage collaborators to amplify their voices.

Six individuals express their surprise when they discover the new voice of their colleague, modulated thanks to Klaxoon Megaphone.
Klaxoon Megaphone: the innovation that modulates your voice to unlock participation

How Klaxoon Megaphone generates sensational results

Do you find it difficult to be heard during your meetings? Are you too timid to speak up? Do you have a colleague, boss, or manager who always monopolizes the discussion? Or worse yet, perhaps you weren’t even asked to share your opinion or expertise. You are not alone – the difficulty of expression and participation remains some of the largest pain points that exist in the collective workspace.

With the Klaxoon Megaphone, no one will be afraid to speak up. Distort your voice at will or use a voice filter of a pre-defined celebrity personality, the possibilities are infinite: Master Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Marge ou Homer Simpson, Groot, George Clooney (what else?), Scarlett Johansson, or even Cartman... Are you an animal lover? Transform your voice into the mysterious sounds of the panda. Feeling upset about something and want to complain? There’s nothing better than using the sound of a whining toddler!

This innovation is part of Klaxoon's strategy to liberate expression and drive participation. With this Megaphone, teams are finally less afraid to express themselves. Incredible ideas will take shape. For those who don't know how or are too afraid to dare, the Klaxoon Megaphone offers them a new way to make their voice be heard.

After months of R&D research and beta-testing with millions of casted voices around the world, the results are spectacular, with 150% participation by all users. Those who never dared to expresse themselves before have increased their speaking time by 350% and now monopolize the floor. People do not want to stop speaking, resulting in a harmonious cacophony. End-of workshop surveys demonstrated that even if there was a loss in substance through this usage, 99,9 % of participants nevertheless retained the sound of the meeting.

* The Klaxoon Megaphone is set to be released on May 32.
** Klaxoon is also currently working on a special headset so that people don't go deaf.

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