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How to use visual management to succeed in team projects without being in the same office?

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Aurore Berteleau
FASTT, Territorial Action Manager
December 10, 2020
Klaxoon allows me to have a tool for anticipation in an organization where it is necessary to project, frame and assign functions and roles. It allows me to keep track of what is being launched and committed and everyone is involved.
Aurore Berteleau

Aurore Berteleau is in charge of territorial action for the Fonds d'Action Sociale du Travail Temporaire. She manages a team spread over the whole territory. Assigning roles and tasks, sharing information, managing the group's workload from a distance... In 30 minutes, she explains how to use visual management to succeed in team projects with Klaxoon. Discover best practices to synchronize, coordinate and manage projects efficiently, whether you are telecommuting, traveling or simply in different offices!

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