How to implement and run an effective workshop program involving up to 80 people?


Discover how Ian Kingstone, Business Transformation Specialist and Toby Mankertz Transformation Senior at Columbus Global, were able to conduct efficient workshops about shift and values with their client.

Business Model Canvas, Radar, Difficulty and Importance Matrix, Abstraction Laddering… a lot of Design Thinking methods inspired Ian and Tobias who have designed the perfect workshop program to meet their clients needs. As a result: 80+ people from all hierarchical positions have participated in 14 different workshops to build together a culture that align with their core values.

Organize a series of remote workshops with a large audience? With Klaxoon, it’s possible!

Klaxoon Chief Evangelist
After 15 years as a specialist in Learning & Development for multinationals, she has joined the Klaxoon adventure from the beginning, transmitting her passion for learning and communication. Overflowing with energy, she lives by the sea or on the train according to the day you ask!

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How to implement and run an effective workshop program involving up to 80 people


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