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Hélène, university lecturer at the University of Rennes1, boosts her courses with Klaxoon

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Hélène Muscat
University lecturer in public law, the University of Rennes1
September 30, 2020

University Lecturer in public law at the University of Rennes1, Hélène delivers her public law courses in an auditorium. With Klaxoon, she offers a rhythmic and interactive course. Measuring the subjects' level of understanding with a Quiz, offering small practical cases via an Adventure, getting the students' feedbacks with a Survey, gathering ideas in a Brainstorm... What's the result of this? Auditoriums increasingly filled by students, a favorable learning environment and better results during end-of-term exams.

With Klaxoon, we go from monologue to dialogue, the collective logic grows. And in the end, end-of-term results are better!
Hélène Muscat

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