Equipment inventory and verification: real-time collaborative maintenance management

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Inventaire et maintenance d'équipement

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Manage the maintenance of your equipment fleet as a team! For any organization, managing its equipment, its verification and its maintenance can quickly become a headache, and even lead to dangerous situations if the management is not optimized. However, just like the fire extinguisher fleet, the inventory and verification of equipment is an essential function that meets regulatory, technical and operational requirements.

With the "Equipment Inventory and Verification" template (in French only), you can easily take inventory as a team, update the status of equipment during your visit and perform verification in one place. Board allows you to immediately visualize the position of equipment and its status in real-time: the occupants of the site are actors of security, and the follow-up of the operational maintenance of this equipment is facilitated.

7 things you need to know to manage the maintenance of your equipment fleet on a digital whiteboard

What is an inventory in the security sector?

The inventory is the census of the equipment and/or installations necessary for the good functioning of the place of activity. It states the quantity of the objects considered, their distribution in space and their technical characteristics in order to carry out any action necessary for their use or their maintenance in time by all the actors considered.

Why carry out an inventory and check the equipment?

The inventory is necessary to ensure the availability of the services offered to the actors and occupants of the premises. It is the first step, essential for an optimal deployment of maintenance and service construction operations.

A student in front of a technical diagram on screen thanks to Klaxoon

The regulation imposes the realization through the obligation to verify the good state of its equipment contributing to the good functioning of the place and to the safety of the people and the goods.

Who is in charge of making the inventory and checking the equipment?

The setting up of periodic verification is a regulatory obligation that involves actors at different levels of control. First, the occupant of the premises must ensure a visual inspection of the equipment. Then, competent maintenance technicians must carry out first level verification tasks. Finally, for some installations, the implementation of these verification operations is carried out and/or completed by control offices or manufacturers, whose objective is to ensure the good working order of the installations according to their original state of reception, and their harmlessness for people. This last verification must be the subject of a periodic verification report. In this last case, observations are put forward and must be treated. These reports are then requested by the competent authorities (work inspection, safety and accessibility commission, DREAL...).

Using the "Equipment Inventory and Verification" template: what are the benefits?

The fact is that the inventory is organized through the mobilization and coordination of a large number of actors. Usually, it is carried out using several inventory and planning tools, which must be bridged and compatible in order to process the data in the best conditions. Thus, the use of a computer-aided maintenance management tool (CMMS), whose use is reserved for the initiated, must be subject to numerous parameterizations. Its application is complex and time-consuming.

With Klaxoon, all the players are invited to use a single tool from the start of the process, within a framework that is adapted and adaptable: Board. The logistics of the information are fully ensured at the same time and in the right measure for all the parties involved.

The deployment of periodic verification operations, and the associated maintenance, or the use that is made of these installations, are considerably and durably improved. Time is also saved and redistributed on more essential tasks for the customer and end user of the activity place.

Equipment inventory and maintenance, details of the Klaxoon template

How do you take inventory and check equipment with Klaxoon?

With Klaxoon, it is possible to carry out an equipment inventory by creating a Board containing the plans and technical documents necessary for a good description of the equipment and the physical spaces concerned. Each category of equipment has a dedicated space in order to mobilize and bring together all the players involved in the equipment inventoried and verified.

Then, each piece of equipment is tracked by the creation of a QR code that is specific to it in order to link the physical and virtual space with the collaboration space, where the information about their maintenance status and availability can be updated in real-time with the participation of the actors.

You will find directly in the Template a detailed user guide with all the instructions to animate it step by step and discover the functionalities put forward for an optimal use.

Why use the Equipment Inventory and Security Template?

Julien Legrand's testimony, as fire safety manager and founder of Securpartner:

As a fire safety manager of a 1st category public reception facility, checking that the verification work is done correctly and that the fire safety system is operational at all times is a real challenge. Trust is a key value. And with this Template, we have the opportunity to reinforce and build collective trust by involving everyone.

Proof of quality maintenance and verification:

"With Board, we have a more qualitative approach to our services. Indeed, we can demonstrate to the customer in real-time by communicating a photo or a video of the condition of the equipment and its proper control."

Strengthen operational security:

"We can focus on our expertise and involve all building occupants in maintaining the operational security system."

Stop the multiplication of tools:

We know that the multiplication of maintenance management tools and periodic verification mobilize different actors. The operator finds himself using multiple tools, making these operations time-consuming. "So today we have the opportunity with this Template to centralize, manage in complete autonomy and build an operator service."

Innovation Promise:

"Digitizing the holding of the devices of the emergency means by involving all the occupants participate in this will of innovation of our customers."

What are you waiting for to get started?

You are in charge of the maintenance of a fleet of equipment, test this Template without delay to save time and fluidity between the various actors in this management. Klaxoon's digital whiteboard will simplify your task.

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