Abstraction Laddering: define precisely a problem

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Abstraction Laddering

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June 11, 2020

With the Abstraction Laddering Template, take a step back and push your teams' reflexion to obtain an in-depth view of your challenge.

Use the ladder metaphor to think on a topic and to have a thorough overview. As a team, answer to a simple question: Why? The more your ask yourself this question, the more you "climb up" the ladder. Also, ask yourself the question "How" many times and "climb down" the ladder.

Start a new project by explaining your problem as clearly as possible.

How? By using the scale metaphor! Climb up the ladder by answering the question "why": define increasingly broad and conceptual objectives as a team. Then, climb down the ladder to search for more and more specific and croncrete solutions by answering the question "how". With this Design Thinking method, involve the whole team and find new ideas together.

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